Comperehensive Eye Examinations:

The eye exam consists of a health history and a refractive assessment of the patient's prescription. Patients are also examined for ocular diseases such as cataracts and treated for emergency eye conditions such as severe eye pain.

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluations:
A valid, non-expired contact lens prescription is required before purchasing contact lenses, and both the comprehensive eye examination and contact lens fitting and evaluation are required for a prescription. We provide regular, astimagtic, and multifocal contact lens fittings for both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses. The doctor also evaluates the patient's ocular condition to determine if the patient can safely wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Insert and Removal Video:

Optical Lab Services:
We have an experienced, on-site optician and optical lab capable of handling lenses for most glasses. We also carry most lenses in stock so many orders can be completed within an hour, making it convenient for customers to quickly pick up their glasses.
Our optician can also repair most frames and replace missing or broken parts.